Want to be a Pink Mafia Sister?

Three Easy Steps...

Step 1: Learn to Skydive

If you have a skydiving license, you're good! Go directly to Step 2! If you're not a skydiver, this step might not be as easy for you, but don't let that stand in your way! Check out the United States Parachute Association website for more information about becoming a skydiver.

Step 2: Initiation Skydive

The original initiation involved a Delegate (or Founder) passing a Barbie to the initiate in freefall. That was super cool and still counts as an initiation, but we've kicked things up a notch! Some of our Delegates have developed fun "Barbie routines" utilizing maneuvers learned during the student progression. Check out this initiation jump from the Skydive Orange SIS event!

Step 3: Register

In order to make it official, you will need to register for a PMS number! Registration is free and easy! If you don't want to include your profile on the website, no worries! You can still register and receive a PMS number.

One Last Thing...

Support The Pink Mafia Sisters by making a donation. Donations help pay for Barbies, bumper stickers and website administration.